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Gundam Build Fighers Try: Island War Tv Especial announced

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August 21 is the date.

Bandai Namco ahs announced at a Press Conference that a new Tv Especial of Gundam Buld Fighters is in the works and will come in the next month!

Gundam Build Fighters is an Spinoff where the mighty giant robots now are Gunpla play models that the people can use in order to play witht hem and make fights, like Pokémon or any TCG anime out there.


The Press Release revealed the history:

“The Try Fighters team is invited to the Nielson Lab on a southern island to be test pilots for the Yajima Group’s newest battle system. However, due to a malfunction in the new system, the team finds themselves staying over on the island on standby.


While the team enjoys themselves on the resort-like island, they encounter Shia, Minato, and Gyanko, who were also invited to the lab as test pilots. After meeting up with their rivals once again, the Try Fighters team finds themselves being thrown into a giant mystery... and it might be the biggest crisis they’ve ever experienced!”

Shinya Watada will be directing it again and the Mangaka Suzuhito Yasuda (Yozakura Quartet) will be making the character design.


Via: Anime-Now!

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