Goose house Ustream #48 Recap

Welcome to my recap of Goose house Ustream #47 which was broadcast on Saturday March 28th at 20:00JST! (7:00AM EST)

If you're new to Goose house, please be sure to check out our guide to the band right here:


Song #1 - Seishunfu - Momoiro Clover Z (Performed by Kudo, Sayaka and Migiwa)

Kei welcomed all the international viewers in English and encouraged everyone to use the hashtag #Goose7 to talk with them on twitter throughout the stream.

Song #2 - Soredemo Shitai - Ken Hirai (Performed by Manami and Johnny)

Goose house then noted that Your Lie in April had ended the week before and announced again that they would be performing at the finale event of April 5th.


Song #3 - Sakura - Kyogo Kawaguchi (Performed by Kei, Migiwa and Watanabe)

Song #4 - Cling Cling - Perfume (Performed by Sayaka, Manami and Watanabe)

As an interesting note, the performance posted is actually their second try at the song as they restarted about 1 minute into their first time doing the song.


Song #5 - Sayonara no Mae ni - AAA (Performed by Kudo, Kei and Johnny)

Song #6 - Itsudemo Dareka ga - Shang Shang Typhoon ( Performed by Watanabe, Migiwa, Kei, Sayaka, Kudo, Johnny and Manami)

That's all for this livestream, please check back in a week for the full performance videos! Please remember to check out both Milk and Bitter, which you can now find on iTunes internationally. As always you can find an archive of this stream on their ustream channel below.


In addition if you're looking for some new Goose house apparel, they've updated their store with some new knit caps and mugs. Check it out here!


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