Goose house Ustream #47 Recap

Welcome to my recap of Goose house Ustream #47 which was broadcast on Saturday February 28th at 20:00JST (6:00AM EST)! This was Goose house's first livestream since the release of their two new albums Milk and Bitter on February 25th.

As usual, the Youtube videos of their individual performances will be released a week later, I will update this when they are out.


If you are new to the band please be sure to check out:

Song #1 - Nai Mono Nedari - KANA BOON (Performed by Manami and Sayaka)

Goose house then introduced each member before moving on to the next song.

Song #2 - Final Distance - Hikaru Utada (Performed by Kudo, Kei and Watanabe)

Wow, what a great performance. Goose house talked some more about Milk and Bitter, reading out the track list for each album. They also showed off the interior of the limited edition of Milk, which comes with a booklet containing the piano score for Hikaru Nara and a slipcase. The also broke spontaneously into singing parts of Hikaru Nara while describing this.


Song #3 - Hotaru no Hikari - Ikimonogakari (Performed by Migiwa and Johnny)

Migiwa and Johnny performed Hotaru no Hikari which is known for being the fifth OP for Naruto Shippuden. The song was Migiwa's friends last request before they passed away so she got choked up during the song with emotion. Great performance! Goose house then discussed their upcoming live tour to support Milk and Bitter. They also welcomed English viewers, encouraging them to use the hashtag #Goose7 on twitter to join in the conversation and hoped they enjoyed the rest of the broadcast.


Song #4 - Cutie Honey - Yoko Maekawa (Performed by Johnny, Kudo and Watanabe)

This was a particularly fun performance because of the use of synths, making for a unique sound.


Song #5 - Heroine - back number (Performed by Sayaka, Kei, Migiwa and Manami)

Goose house then performed back number's latest single Heroine, which was released a little over a month ago.


Song #6 - Domino Effect - Goose house (Performed by Johnny, Kudo, Manami, Kei, Migiwa, Watanabe and Sayaka.

For their final song Goose house performed Domino Effect which is the second track off of Bitter.


That's all for this livestream, please check back in a week for the full performance videos! Please remember to check out both Milk and Bitter, which you can now find on iTunes internationally. As always you can find an archive of this stream on their ustream channel below.


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