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Goose house Ustream #46 Recap

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Welcome to my recap of Goose house's ustream #46, which aired at 6:00am EST on January 31st! This was their first ustream since HOY in mid-December and their announcement of 2 new albums coming out.


If you're new to the band please be sure to check out:


Song #1 - Shimizu Shota - Kimi ga Suki (Performed by Sayaka and Johnny)

Goose house then welcomed all of the viewers abroad in English and wished them a happy new year, thanking them for watching and encouraging them to use the hashtag #Goose7 to join in the conversation on twitter.


Song #2 - Nagai Aida - Kiroro (Performed by Sayaka, Kei, Kudo and Watanabe)

Goose house then showed off their new albums, Milk and Bitter. They showed off the first look at the physical releases and discussed the track list for both of them. (Rough tracklists below, will fix when a better translation is out)


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Goose house Phrase #10 - Milk:

  1. Hikaru Nara
  2. Oto No Naru Hou E —>
  3. Love Merry-Go-Round
  4. Cobalt Town
  5. Perfume
  6. Pop Up!
  7. L.I.P.'s
  8. Remain Laughing

The limited edition of Milk will come with a DVD containing the non-credit anime opening of Hikaru Nara from Your Lie in April and the music video for Oto No Naru Hou E—> from Silver Spoon.


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Goose house Phrase #11 - Bitter:

  1. Sing (2015 Version)
  2. Domino Effect
  3. Harunohi -chorus-
  4. Hummingbird
  5. Tokyo, City
  6. Sedan Girl
  7. Zion
  8. The Future's Footsteps

Harunohi -chorus- will be available starting on February 4th digitally, followed by Cobalt Town on February 18th.


Kei then spoke in English and discussed the albums quickly for international fans.

Song #3 Forget Me Not - Ozaki Yutaka (Performed by Kei and Migiwa)

Afterwards they continued to read view comments, saying hello to a viewer from New Zealand. They also counted down in English to try and get "Milk and Bitter" trending on twitter.


Kei also explained that both Milk and Bitter will have stickers in them, and if you send both stickers in you are entered into a draw to watch them do one of their ustreams live in Japan.

Song #4 - Ojamajo Carnival - MAHO-Dou (Performed by Kudo, Watanabe and Manami)

They showed off a picture of Johnny's upcoming guest role in a movie and had a good chuckle about that.


Song #5 - Nandome no Aozara ka - Nogizaka46 (Performed by Manami, Johnny and Migiwa)

Kei announced for international viewers that the next Goose house ustream will be on Saturday February 28th at 20:00 JST and that they hoped everyone would be joining them again.


Song #6 - Mahou no Ryori - Bump of Chicken (Performed by all).

That's all for this live stream, I hope this was useful for everyone! A reminder, the Youtube versions of the performances will be posted by them in about a week, and you can watch the archived stream here:


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