Goose house Live at Youtube Space Tokyo - Recap

Welcome to my recap of Goose house's live performance at Youtube Space Tokyo! The performance took place at 20:00 JST (6:00AM EST) on Friday February 20th and was in commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of Youtube Space Tokyo as well as in promotion of Goose house's upcoming albums Milk and Bitter. The performance lasted for half an hour and 3 songs were performed with each involving all of the members.

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Youtube Space Tokyo is a production facility based in Tokyo which aims to give Youtube users tools and facilities to make better quality videos. It is run by Youtube and offers a wide variety of seminars and performance spaces that can be utilized by performers. As one of the major success stories stemming from Youtube performances, Goose house was invited to perform along with Ok Go to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the facility.

Song #1 - Hikaru Nara / Goose house

After a short introduction by the host of the event, Goose house started off their set by performing Hikaru Nara which is both the first track off of Milk and the first opening to Your Lie in April.


Kei addressed the audience in English afterwards expressing how happy the group was to perform at this event and that they hoped everyone would enjoy the performance and check out Milk and Bitter.

Song #2 - Domino Effect / Goose house

Domino Effect is the second track of Goose house's upcoming album Bitter and this was the first time is has been performed by the group.


Song #3 - Sing (2015) / Goose house

Goose house finished off their performance with their song Sing which was the group's first original song released. The updated version of the song will be the first track on Bitter. After this Goose house wrapped up their performance with a small discussion with the host before the stream ended with a short clip of the first verse of the music video for Oto no naru hou e —>.


Thanks for reading this recap, I hope it was useful! This was a particularly fun event because of the high production values involved and is likely the closest thing to a Goose house concert we'll ever get to see (unless you go to see them live during their upcoming tour). Upcoming events for Goose house include the releases of Milk and Bitter on next Wednesday February 25th as well as ustream #47 on Saturday February 28th at 20:00 JST (6:00AM EST). In closing, here is a message from Goose house from earlier this week regarding Milk and Bitter (there is English in this video as well).

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