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Goose house Announces Two New Albums

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Goose house announced this morning they will be releasing two(!) new albums on February 25th. Each album will feature 8 tracks and will be released by two different labels.


The first album will be called "Milk" and feature their top hit songs from 2014 "Hikaru Nara" from Your Lie in April and "Oto No Naru Hou E —>" from Silver Spoon. It will be released by Gr8! Records (Sony Music) in a limited edition as well as a regular edition.


The second album will be called "Bitter" and will feature the 2015 version of their song "Sing" , an acoustic pop-tune called "Domino Effect" as well as other songs showing off the future direction of the band. It will only be released in a regular edition independently by Goose house.

Both albums are up at major retailers such as and CDJapan as of now.

If you're wondering who Goose house is and why you should be excited, check out this guide to the group:


I will update this as more information is released.

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