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It will release one week later than previously scheduled.

UFOtable has announced that the premier of the Anime of God Eater will be delayed by a litle more time.


The time slot prepared for the chapter (This Sunday July 5) will be replaced with a “special” Program “God Eater Extra”. It is unknows if t´s going to be a quick recap of the video games or a series of intervies with the staff. Anyway, the fact is that the Anime will not air on this Sunday.

The staff apologized and said that they delayed it in order to “deliver a work with a quality level that fans can approve of.” So there you go.


Remember too that they cancelled the special screening on June 28 due to “Production- Related problems” So it looks like those problems are still unsolved with this Anime if you ask me.

Update: There are some rumours (Backed by this Page) that the anime might get delayed to August 14. Well see it in the next week to see if it´s true or not.

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