Glasslip Ani-TAY Review and Discussion

Dexomega: Glasslip is a Slice of Life drama by P.A. Works that follows the lives a group of friends in a small town. In theory, this is where P.A. Works usually shines, knowing their tendency toward pretty shows and slice of life.

Rockmandash12: Except they didn't shine this time. Instead of an entertaining slice of life, we got a show that tries to be a romance but fails.


Dexomega: Indeed. Where better to start than with the story then?

Dexomega: I think I speak for both of us when I say that we hoped for the best out of Glasslip when we heard that P.A. Works was doing a romance-drama Slice-of-Life.

Rockmandash12: Definitely. PA blew me away with Nagi no Asukara, and I was expecting glasslip to be just as great.


Rockmandash12: Romantic Slice-of-Life is what they do best, but so much went wrong with this attempt.


Dexomega: The story seemed to start out agreeably enough with a decent first episode, but it backslid way too far into surrealism for me, and probably most other people too.

Rockmandash12: It got so bad that I essentially gave up trying to keep up with the story and decided to hold off glasslip until the end of the season to marathon.


Rockmandash12: When I did go through it, I got a show that tried to have an interesting premise and mystery, but eventually went nowhere with the story.

Rockmandash12: They don't explain anything, they didn't develop characters, they didn't really do anything.


Dexomega: I think it tried to go somewhere, but the problem is I can't understand what exactly it said. The second-to-last episode certainly was trying to say something, but it came through the screen as gibberish.

Rockmandash12: I interpreted it as an alternate universe that tohka was seeing. That episode was great, but they didn't do anything with it, and the lack of explaination doesn't help. The last episode just ignored the second to last episode, and if they built on it, then it would have been much better.


Dexomega: It's a very messy plot for the show to be sure. The tension was very low throughout, the plot didn't really make sense, and the overall direction was off.

Dexomega: It was difficult to keep up with weekly in my case.

Rockmandash12: Also; the lack of comedy and entertaining character interactions just made this more of a pain to watch.


Rockmandash12: Which is ironic really, because those are usually the strong points best parts of PA works shows.

Dexomega: Yeah, it was a drawback. Overall the plot is kind of a mess. Had they bothered to explain anything, it might be good, but as it stands I question what it was trying to say.


Dexomega: I think that conveys all my feelings about the story, do you have anything to add?

Rockmandash12: It really was a waste of time. The messy plot means that nothing happens, and I felt like I wasted 6 hours. That's generally not a good sign.


Rockmandash12: other than that, not really.


Dexomega: Let's take this opportunity to talk about the aforementioned characters then.

Rockmandash12: EEHHHH????

Dexomega: Touko is almost at meme ascension levels because of that.

Rockmandash12: Yup.

Dexomega: Full disclosure, I liked her purely for those moments.

Dexomega: The rest of her character was a write-off, but EEEHHHHHH was great.

Rockmandash12: Yup. She's not really an original character, and she's quite average for a main.


Dexomega: There's only two characters really worth anything in this show: EEEHHHHHHH Touko (not normal Touko), and Jonathan the Chicken for being the best wingman in years.

Rockmandash12: Jonathan is best wingman. God, I love those crunchyroll comments. I also liked Kakeru as well, who has the distinction of the only character that gets some real development.


Dexomega: The supporting cast was so boring though. Well, sorta, the glasses girl (I don't remember their names, this is a writeoff) had some weird development that stayed in my mind.


Rockmandash12: Development that pretty much happened in one episode, then stagnated throughout the whole show.

Dexomega: I'd agree with that. Then the whole love triangle subplot with her...


Dexomega: I was at a loss for words.

Rockmandash12: yeah...

Dexomega: So yeah, aside for meme ascension characters like Best Wingman Jonathan and EEHHHHHH Touko, there wasn't really anything to look at here.


Rockmandash12: Nothing really. The characters are stale and boring, and there's not much to talk about them.


Dexomega: We can push ahead to something more worthy of our time then: Soundtrack.

Rockmandash12: Definitely. The soundtrack is amazing, and was up to PA Work's extremely high standard of quality.


Rockmandash12: It's well composed, it's pleasing to the ear, it's elegant, it's great at making the mood and is truly beautiful. One of the best of the season.

Dexomega: It's very classically based with an emphasis on the piano. It's quite pleasing to the ears.


Rockmandash12: Oh, that piano. It was excellent, and the violin just helped support it. Very well done.

Dexomega: It fit the tone of the series well and complemented the scenes well. Very good indeed.


Dexomega: We could use that to springboard to the animation if you have nothing else.

Rockmandash12: I don't have much to add. It was very well done.


Dexomega: Alright, so onto animation.

Dexomega: In terms of animation fluidity and consistency, best of the season.

Dexomega: The character design was a bit flawed, but it looks pretty.


Rockmandash12: It's PA works, pushing the boundries of animation, once again. The backrounds are some of the best in the industry, and it was great.

Rockmandash12: The scenery, while being much more normal than something like Nagi, is just as great because of how well they execute natural beauty with elements like rain.


Dexomega: It's worth noting that anything involving the glassmaking was usually very pretty as well. Had they done more of that, the show might've been better.

Rockmandash12: yeah. The glass in general was very pretty. I doubt we'll ever see a ramune bottle as great as the one they had in the beginning of the show.


Rockmandash12: I only had one gripe with the visuals: it reused assets at times, and to annoying levels. (they showed that train like it was nobody's buisness).

Dexomega: There could be a bit of that. I usually try to let that sort of thing go, though it was disconcerting here.


Dexomega: Pretty spectacular all around. Again, I had some issues with the designs, but it looks great. Dat fireworks show.

Rockmandash12: Beautiful.


Dexomega: Seems like a good place to cap off the animation and talk about... the ending...

Rockmandash12: *sigh*

Dexomega: My gut instinct when it comes to the instinct is to say "It ended?"

Rockmandash12: Kinda.

Rockmandash12: They definitely wrapped it up, but a lot was left hanging.

Rockmandash12: Expecially coming from Episode 12.


Dexomega: It's not very conclusive and it's left the crunchyroll commentors guessing. While I love the implications of a chicken conspiracy and Jonathan the Wingman, we needed something more conclusive.

Rockmandash12: definitely. If the only thing I can take out of an ending is that it wasted my time, that's an issue. They could have spent all of episode 13 explaining what was going on; instead, they decided to end it off with a light hearted slice of life episode.


Dexomega: The ending really did nothing to repair the problems of the plot for the whole show, which was unfortunate.

Rockmandash12: It really was a shame.

Dexomega: Yeah. Well, I can really say anything else on the subject, so we can drop into the conclusion if you're ready.


Rockmandash12: sure.


Dexomega: I had a rough summer season, and Glasslip was unfortunately a part of that. It was really messy. I wanted to like it. I wanted to like the characters, but everything is flat.

Rockmandash12: Messy is an understatement. It's PA Works, I expected better than this. I guesss this is another example where paying attention to the actual talent of the people working on it pays off, because if you came in expecting PA works, you weren't getting that.


Rockmandash12: While it still had some of the strengths of PA Works, it was a waste of time. The plot is horrible, the characters are static and boring, and it wasn't really entertaining.

Dexomega: That hits pretty much all my points. I wanted to like it, but I'm going to have to mark it as a "Not Worth Your Time".


Rockmandash12: Same. I don't think i've seen a show that fits that phrasing to a T. It was enjoyable at times, but those didn't make up for the dullness and confusing story they were trying to go for, and failed. Stay away.

Dexomega: A shame, but that's the verdict.


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