Gintama´s Manga will end in a few chapters

In five chapters to be exact

On the pages of the newest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, it has been confirmed that the manga of Gintama is coming to an end in five chapters.


On the Mangaka´s notes from the latest volume, the Mangaka Hideachi Sorachi said the following about the end of the manga:

“Up until now, it’s been a constant cycle of ‘it’s gonna end’ over and over up until now, hasn’t it? It’s been like this for about three years, but no worries. I’m positive it will end this year — soon. Even if my arm gets modified into a psycho gun, it will end this year,”  

In January it was announced that Gintama was coming to an end and, unless a sudden hiatus comes, it will be in September more or less.

Via: Comicbook

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