Hold on to something, anything, because there’s some major announcements from Funimation’s Industry Panel at Otakon 2015!

Here’s What We Got:

Project Itoh Films (Genocidal Organ, Harmony, Empire of Corpses)

So, I recently posted about the Genocidal Organ film and the other Project Itoh films. They look good. Know what else is good? We’re getting these movies. All three of them. Our buddies at Funimation decided to pull off one hell of a move. It was a major success. Now I’m excited for the English dubs because Funimation puts serious effort into their dubs, and I have absolute faith in the dubs for these movies.

Ghost in the Shell

Everyone’s favorite cyber cop is back on patrol, and that means the newest Ghost in the Shell film is coming our way. Naturally, Funimation takes the reins for this project, and along with that, we have confirmation of a theatrical release. Yes, this movie is going to have a theatrical debut outside of Japan. In fall 2015, no less. That’s right around the corner!


The Boy and the Beast

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was another look at the consequences of time-travel. Summer Wars gave us a closer view at the definition of a family. Wolf Children made us bawl our eyes out showed the struggle of raising two children who didn’t understand what they were. After all that, The Boy and the Beast, the latest film by Mamoru Hosoda, is coming to us with a theatrical release, premiering in 2016.


Note: This was not announced at Otakon 2015; it was posted on Funimation’s blog, but it was a while back, around May. However, it was listed on an article at Anime News Network, so I decided to put it here as a reminder for everyone.

Psycho-Pass: The Movie

Did you like Psycho-Pass? Are you sad that it ended? Were you utterly disappointed in the second season? Whatever the case may be, if you’re wanting more Dominater action and morality questioning, Funimation’s got your back with—holy crap, another theatrical release—for the Psycho-Pass movie. Coming to theaters in 2016.


Assassination Classroom Season 2

It’s now been officially announced, so I’ll say it here: Assassination Classroom’s second season has (naturally) been licensed by Funimation and will be up for streaming sometime in 2016. More Koro-sensei for everyone! A welcome return to the week-by-week basis of failed assassination attempts by newbie assassins who also happen to be middle school students.


Tokyo Ghoul Collecter’s Edition

The Tokyo Ghoul Collector’s Edition is now a thing! Finally, you can have an actual Tokyo Ghoul physical release. Available on September 22nd, 2015, the collector’s edition contains:


  • Premium Collector’s Box with clear sleeve revealing Kaneki and Rize’s transformation from human to ghoul
  • All of Season 1 in a Blu-ray/DVD Combo
  • Fabric Poster
  • 60-page art book
  • 40-page blank journal
  • 4 Art Cards


Black Lagoon Collector’s Edition

Ready for a second dose of premium goodies? Introducing the Black Lagoon Collector’s Edition, available on November 2015. This collection contains:

  • Season 1 + Season 2 + Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA on Blu-ray (Over 13 hours of content!)
  • Collectible “Ammo tin” chipboard box
  • 60 page full-color art book
  • Black Lagoon lighter
  • Black Lagoon dog tags


Speed Racer

Coming soon for the first time on Blu-ray is the definitive collection of Speed Racer (also known as Mach GoGoGo!). This includes episodes never released in North America, as well as the original Japanese audio (with English subtitles).

Note: This was one of the earliest anime to appear on American television. It premiered in autumn of 1967, according to Wikipedia.



Funimation has aquired the rights to Noein, the 2005 sci-fi hit from Kazuki Akane (director of Escaflowne and Code Geass: Akito the Exiled) and Satelight, the studio behind the Aquarion series, Macross Frontier, White Album 2, Log Horizon, and The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, just to name a few.


At the End of the Day...

That about wraps everything up. Funimation is pulling out all the stops this time around. I’m excited about these announcements, and if possible, I want to catch at least one theatrical release. I can only hope that they don’t just keep them in Texas, because I don’t live there, and I won’t travel over there just to see a movie. If anything else is announced, I’ll just write up another post.


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