Not sure how many people are aware of this, but... Funimation listed some new Broadcast Dubs a while back, and I probably should have posted this sooner.

Here are the listed Broadcast Dubs, both new and ongoing:

Okay, now that this is out of the way, here is the cast for Prison School’s recently-listed Broadcast Dub.

The Cast:

Kiyoshi: Austin Tindle

Gakuto: Eric Vale

Andre: Sonny Strait

Joe: Chris Bevins

Shingo: Clifford Chapin

Mari: Tia Ballard

Meiko: Whitney Rodgers

Hana: Alexis Tipton

Chiyo: Kristen McGuire

Chairman: Smokey DeLange

Funimation will probably update us with the cast for the other two sometime this week, I’m guessing. Waiting in anticipation for Gangsta.‘s dub cast.