Also News on the Latin American Dub of this Series.

FUNimation has announced that on the New York Comic-Con they will havea Panel dedicated to Dragon Ball.


Sean Schemmel (Son Goku), Christopher R. Sabat (Vegueta) and Justin Rojas (FUNimation) will be hosting a Panel on October 8 at 11:15 AM.

In There they will talk about the history of the Franchise, and will show something of Dragon Ball Super, even though it is still not announced for the U.S.A.

On Similar news, Laura Torres (The Latin American Voice of Goten/Kid Goku and Shin Chan) went to Santiago de Chile to be a presenter on a League of Legends Tournament.

Well, on an interview made by the Youtube User E Woo. She revealed that she has been summoned (This Past Thursday 3 of September specifically) to participate on the Latin American Dub of Dragon Ball Super, although she doesn´t know what paper she will make, although it is probably it will be Goten.


It is still unknown who is bringing the series to Latin America and which studio will be dubbing it.

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