Fruity's Miscellaneous Anime Awards of 2014!! (huzarr!)

Another year has come full cycle and along with it a slew of everyone and their mum's best offs and top 10's [insert medium] for 2014. I'm no different of course, as evidenced by the title above, if you've read it. Here I've tasked myself with the role of assigning the awards for the things that aren't appreciated enough, because I want to do something a little different and have some fun with it.

So if you know much about me, or have heard what I'm watching you'll probably realise I watch anime. A LOT... of anime. If not you could simply just compare my chart on the Ani-tay podcasts (SHAMLESS PLUG, go listen to it!) with the other members and see the difference. I personally really enjoy the small things in anime, giving attention to the minor details that some might overlook. I felt that we as an audience, as fans of the medium need to appreciate these as well. And failing that, at least try to increase the awareness of these small little things that give anime its distinct character and bring us to enjoy a series, all together, that much more.


It is with this that I welcome you to what is the first (and probably last time I do this because it involved way too much effort), the (Drum Roll Please…if we had the budget)

"Fruity's Miscellaneous Anime Awards of 2014"!! (huzarr!)

With over 170 anime being aired in the year 2014, I've probably watched in excess of 85% of them.

From the epic adventures to that heart breaking moment, the articulate fight choreography and the wonderfully varied colour palates. NONE OF THAT MATTERS HERE! Instead the panel of judges (just me) have been looking for something special, something that won our hearts over in a flash, something so minute that normally we might not have given it a second thought or noticed it at all. These are the small things that can attach us to a certain character or series. I now humbly present the following categories and their respective winners. Each winner will earn internet points and more public awareness which hopefully in turn will lead to happiness for everyone and world peace! So Without further delay let us start with the show!!

Best Male Uniform: Magi with Magnostadt Uniform.


Here we have our homeboy Aladdin showcasing the winning uniform for males. Simple yet effective, it boldly states that the person in question is a wizard. Sleek choices of black and white, what many people consider classic colours. The thing that catches my eye is that while generally this type of attire is normally associated with witches (exclusively female, especially in the west) here it is non-discriminate and everyone's gets to wear this amazing piece of clothing. Lastly, That Hat. That Hat is glorious. It is so big, it's amazing and our boy Aladdin can fit his turban underneath it. It's just something that grabs my attention accentuates the silliness and yet still outstanding design of this excellent piece of clothing. Bravo. Bravo!

Best female Uniform: Futsuu no Joshikousei [Locodol] Yatte Mita with Shirt Variant.


Since the release of "Thrift Shop – Macklemore" people have been looking for ways to stay fashionable while saving a few pennies on the sly. This combination embodies and embraces the philosophy behind that. It states "These girls here are idols, they represent something, they have to stay in uniform." These uniforms have to appeal and impress fans around the world and give an impression on what they're all about. What they've achieved is all the things I've listed above without spending a fortune which in turns helps the agency (or in this case government) to generate more of that precious dough. Simply re-using their high school skirt and a white t-shirt gives us framework to the start off something beautiful. The knee length socks, easy, cheap and compliments the existing colours. The real trick with this uniform though is that the plain white t-shirt can be customized to help promote anything, easy money! This is perfect for an idol's line of work. Even Lord Sugar would be proud of this. (Note you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a decent body shot of these characters, best I could come up with)

Best Ahoge: Chuunibyo with Rikka & Toka Takanashi.


We've had a good year for Ahoge but when the heavy weights of Kyoto Animation come into play, you know you've got a winner. A good Ahoge is simply a matter of geometry: The length, thickness and curl of the Ahoge. Here we have the stunning display from the Takanashi sister, portraying what is almost an angelic Ahoge. The people at Kyoto Animation have done it again. Look at the dip as it goes down is the perfect angle with the thickness thinning down perfectly. The gravity defying straight at the beginning of the Ahoge is strong with this one. Bonus points for the fact that Kyoto Animation actually bothers to animate and play with the Ahoge. This is your winner everyone, enjoy.

Best Pout: Barakamon with Handa Emi.


The pout here is in every way perfect and fits Handa Emi to a T. Brief yet brimmed with emotions, leaving us dazed. What we look for in pouts is the structure of the face before and after, and the transition. And this one was magical. You really don't get much better than this. This is stuff of legends and will forever go down in the halls of fame as one of the great pouts. Handa Emi demonstrates two very different emotions; the first is that picturesque reaction into anger. The puffed cheeks which is an iconic move coupled with the glaring eyes and burrowed eyebrows with the adjusted head position. Second is the unforgettable pout of defeat, the blush of embarrassment and bowing her head ever so slightly. Kudos Omake Gif Anime, Kudos Kinema Citrus. Thank you for this divine gift.

Best Tiny Hat: Atelier Escha & Logy - Alchemist of the Dusk Sky with Atelier.


The tiny hat is a character's key trait it defines them and can elevate them to greatness. The tiny hat is sometimes considered the soul and personality of a character. Yet here, it's subtle, unmasked and peacefully blends with her character design. A nice change from the usual tiny top hat to a tiny beret! Something so natural and smooth is truly a delicate art decision that could only be handled by a master of the arts. It truly is an understated feature of this character and because of that we couldn't help but fawn over this endearing masterpiece.

Best Accessory: Atelier Escha & Logy - Alchemist of the Dusk Sky with Atelier's Tail.


Who would have thought, the winner of the tiny hat category would also win the accessory category. The fact that we spend an entire episode dedicated to uncovering the secrets behind the tail shows how much the creators care about this lovely item, and in turn how much WE care about the tail. The authenticity of this accessory is, it lures you into thinking Atelier is just a girl with a cute tail, but in reality it's a highly desirable and adorable accessory. In fact so desirable they tried to mass produce the item with unpredictable side effects and ultimately failed. I mean for crying out loud it waggles, it's incredibly soft, and the wearer can actually feel sensations though it. Keep an eye out for pre-order opportunities people; this is going to be big.

Best Animal Companion: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha with Uka's Foxes


These things are ADORABLE! ALL OF THEM. From the tiny one that sticks with Inari to Uka's personal gaming console/handheld. Like holy crap I basically got a sweet tooth from just seeing these little miracles running around doing their thing. I mean look at them! They can even transform into a console to allow us to play games anywhere without need for electricity. I feel like each and every one has their own personality instead of just generic copy and paste of the same cute foxes which you can find in some places. One might look a little scruffier than others with the leaf attached to its tail while another fully grown with a regal and imposing air about them. The way that they're all family and interact with one another is just adorable. Again let me stress that these are little miracles on legs and they whole heartedly deserve the winner's position in this category.

Best Representation of Magical Japanese Atomic Batman: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei with Tatsuya Shiba


Yeah this award was basically tailored for our winner and to appease our sponsor (Shiba, Tatsuya). What can I say that isn't already written in the stars about this holy figure? He is the one true Tatsuya. The saviour of the season, of all anime! He will absolve us of all our sins and bring us to true salvation! He made me a better man, I feel complete like never before. He can make you a better person as well all you need to do is let Tatsuya into your heart and accept him as your lord and saviour. He can also atomise you at a moment's notice, so you know there's that.

Most Spiritually Healing: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?


Man I remember the panel (just me) making this statement at around episode 2-3 and damn it they were correct. This show is the true definition of comfort. Stress free, guilt free and carefree all wrapped up in a tidy 20 minute package. It's a show that knew what it wanted to achieve and hit the target every episode, week in and week out. Yes we're simple creatures who also enjoy simple entertainment. Never a moment in this show that would make you feel bad, but instead rewards you for coming back, and enriches any positive emotion you had in your body, just to make sure you can see out the rest of the day. It's the kind of show that welcomes you back home, makes your favourite cold/hot drink that you've been craving and says thank you for being alive. So thank you Gochuumon, for being there for us and everyone else too.

The One I Still Need To Finish And Still On The Last Episode: Infinite Stratos 2


Not sure how anyone could benefit from knowing that we haven't finished Infinite Stratos 2, nor do I feel like this is an actual category for this award ceremony. Shall we just move along?

Most Surprising: Ace of Diamond & World Trigger


The fact that Ace of Diamond has been airing for 63 consecutive weeks (at time of writing) was fantastic. It's amazing that Ace of Diamond was able to keep me hooked and enticed in a sport I didn't actually enjoy. Looking back it also kept me on the edge of my seat during those tense moments and I actually liked rival teams and the extra characters they throw around. These feats are not easily accomplished and have kept me around for the whole journey, which is a pleasant surprise.

Also the other surprise is how the hell World Trigger got 50 episodes…….

Most Meta Moment : Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii & Samurai Flamenco


Soredemo gets this award with a single scene. The fact that they shoe horn their own opening by throwing a concert back in Ye Olde times is audacious, sublime and a little naughty. I love it when an anime does something like this. I mean let us quickly analyse what we experienced. The character in question is holding a microphone in Ye Olde times, this then leads us to think that large speakers and amps were also in use. Let us not forget that electricity is a thing as well, and that the cabling is also present, along with either a machine that's playing the back track of the song, or a band playing behind her which we can't see... Fantastic when you think about it. It is a moment that will forever be remembered in glory, just like this awards show!

Samurai Flamenco is like a good Scottish whiskey, it gets better with age. Samurai Flamenco was a new breed in storytelling and has paved the way for more writers to blaze their way to similar recognition using what can be learned from Samurai Flamenco. What we appreciate is the evolution of the show and how it challenged the audience, taking twists and turns in unexpected ways that we could never imagine. It is with this Samurai Flamenco will also share the spoils of war in this category and our hearts and minds.


FruityDrinks is not responsible for any of the consequent events that should transpire after the publication of this freaking awesome piece of literature. Should you happen to disagree with any of the above content, please transcribe your comments & thoughts on a piece of parchments and send it via Owl to Avian Sama, Minulle.

Also FruityDrink is poor and needs money and recognition as a poet, desperately in need of a publisher.

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