It will be about 6 different shorts surrounding various concepts of this Trading Card Game.

It has been annouced that the Trading Card Game, Force of Will, will have a Movie in 2018. And it will be an omnibus film (Similar to the Batmanime movie for some years ago) and it will be about 6 short films surrounding the concept of this TCG.

The movie´s Website it has been opened

From the 6 short films they are as follows:

-Cthulu: based on the H.P. Lovecraft mythos. Shuhei Morita is directing it.

-Monkey King: Based on the Journey to the west history. Yuichiro Hayashi (Garo the Animation) is directing it.


-Zombie: A Zombie history. Direted by Shin´ya Sugai (Gatchaman Crowds)

-Unnamed short directed by Veerapatra Jinnavin.

-Unnamed short directed by Makiko Suzuki (Attack on Titan, Pokémon)

-Unnamed short directed by Kohta Morie.

Every short will be more or less 15 minutes long.

The Trading Card Game is availabe in english, and if you want to know how to play it, you can do it here.


Via: Anime News Network