For those of you who were under the impression that the new Fate/stay night was going to be a new story which acts as a sequel to Fate/Zero, or if you are a saber lover, you're out of luck. Ufotable & Type-Moon did a live stream announcement yesterday, and what we are getting for the TV anime is a split cour adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works, the second route of the Fate/Stay Night VN, and a Heavens Feel Movie on the side. They showed off 2 new PV's and they also announced a mobile game nobody cares about.

How do I feel about this? pretty mixed. I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the hell out of it, and what matters is the execution for this, but I was looking forward to a new story, and i'm not sure how this'll transition for most fans. Also, this split cour trend is annoying, kinda wish they just did a continuous run, but not a big deal. Also, if they do the HF movie right, that may just become one of my favorite anime movies.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my Type Moon Review Marathon for reviews on the original FSN, and Fate Zero.