Fate/Snark Night

The one and only Saybah

Fate/Stay Night is a great series with some unfortunate adaptations and even more unfortunate subs. Today I’m just going to make those matters worse. Because seriously, the VN gave me way too many openings in a short amount of time. Have fun~

Fuck, there goes my college funds.

Holy shit I’m fucked now.

I was planning to experience some really shitty h-scenes.

Too bad I’m stuck in the Fate route now.

Dear self, you’re an idiot for choosing the Fate route.

A hot blooded tsundere that crashed my house.

Oh god now she’s asking for a literal crash pad. Spare me please. ;-;

What will happen to poor Shirou next? Who knows! I already finished the VN (for now). Guess you’ll just have to settle with some Tokyo Babel tomorrow. See you then~


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