Fan Translations and More Muv-Luv News

It's been a rather exciting week for western fans of Muv-Luv with the release of not just a significant portion of Muv-Luv Altered Fable's fan translation, but also a 100% complete Alternative Chronicles 01 translation today. There's also new rumblings about a new anime. The hype-train has no brakes.


In addition to these translations, there's been some unconfirmed rumors spreading around the 'net about a new Muv-Luv anime, which we could safely say would be based around one of the Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative spin-off stories like Schwarzemarken.


For a series that I worried would be starved for translations after Amaterasu Translations decided to not pursue any Muv-Luv spin-offs, this week has pleased me to no end.

Now if only we had an official western translation.


I'm looking at you Mangagamer and JAST USA. Chop chop.

EDIT: In addition to everything else, Alternative Chronicles 02 was apparently translated two weeks ago. More hype!



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