Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Movie is coming to México!

By the hand of Konnichiwa Festival and Cinepolis

The Anime Movie Festival “Konnichiwa Festival” has announced that it is bringing the latest Movie of Fairy Tail that it is up to premier on may 6.


While an especific date hasn´t been given, the people of the event are trying to make it as closer to the Japanese premier, in other words, on the same month.

By the end of this Month Konnichiwa Festival is bringing “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimentions” that has been surounded by a lot of drama since the original latinamerican voices didn´t participate in the dubbing process; by May 5 the movie “A Silent Voice” will be coming.

In the past they brought “Your Name” (surounded by some rumors that the movie version they brought was a pirated copy) and “Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale” which will get a “Re-Premier” in May due to the bug succes that it had, now on National level and in all the Movie theaters in the country.


Via: Konnichiwa Festival´s Facebook (Spanish)

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