Daimidaler the Sound Robot follows Koichi Madanbashi, an extremely perverted teenager who has access to massive amounts of Hi-ERo particles, which is a type of energy derived from a person's sex drive. Thanks to his ability to use Hi-ERo particles Koichi is recruited by a girl named Kyoko Sonan to pilot a giant mecha named Daimidaler to face the evil Penguin Empire. With TNK, the studio behind Highschool DxD, at the helm is Daimidaler the Sound Robot firing on all cylinders or is it half-cocked?

All Hail the Penguin Empire

The Penguins that form the Penguin Empire are pretty great comedic villains. They look utterly silly, especially with their Front Tails(and yes those are actually tails, not...well, other things). They seem perverted as all hell, but really they are just curious about human eroticism. They are such standup guys that they'll even put your porn stash back in its hiding place when they are done looking through it. The Penguin Empire even gets their own mascot of sorts in the form of Rikantz Seaberry, a human girl that can wield Hi-ERo particles who takes on a magical girl-like persona and has a thing for the Penguins. She earns some bonus points for the random bits of English she'll occasionally say.


Insanely Unique Mecha Designs

First off there are the wide variety of mecha designed by the Penguin Empire. Naturally they are designed to look like Penguins, including weaponized Front Tails in some of the models. Then there are the Daimidaler mecha, most of which have a gimpy little right arm and a massive left arm. Normally I'd say it would make them look like crabs, on account of how some crabs have one giant claw and one tiny claw, but considering the kind of show Daimidaler is, it might be more appropriate to say it reminded me of this:


Best Worst Website Ever

This is the official website to this series(seriously, click that link, it won't hurt you). It perfectly captures all the worst of 90's website designs. Lots of bright flashing colors, annoying as all hell GIFs, a chibi version of the Penguin Emperor that follows your mouse around, even MIDI versions of parts of the OP theme song. But it gets better, this site is not only stated by name, but is actually shown, in the show itself. You see that's because in this show, that is the actual website of the Penguin Empire. It is just so cheesy and meta that I just can't help but love it.

Run! It's Daimidaler!

Daimidaler causes a lot, and I mean a lot, of collateral damage in its fights against the Penguin Empire's mecha, often more damage than the Penguing Empire does. It is so bad that Damidaler causes damage just by completing its launch sequence, because it always launches from underground, destroying everything above it. The result of this is that the people are just as scared of Daimidaler, if not more so, than they are of the Penguin Empire.


Love Letter to Old School Mecha

Daimidaler just straight up pays tribute to many of the tropes of the super robo mecha series of days gone by. From weird looking mecha that run on something silly, in this case sexual energy, to big, flashy special attacks that take probably a little too much time to pull off, to facing a silly evil empire that send out wave after wave of new mecha in an almost monster-of-the-week style.


Shamelessly Perverted

This is probably the thing that is going to be the biggest deciding factor when it comes to whether or not Daimidaler is for you. This series is filled to the brim from wall to wall with fanservice of the near naked and totally naked women variety and perverted humor. Needless to say, this isn't exactly a show that you can watch around just anybody.


Two Teams of Protagonists

This series actually focuses on two different Daimidaler models and their respective teams of a pilot and someone of the opposite gender that serves as a catalyst for their Hi-ERo particles. The first team is Koichi and Kyoko while the second team features Kiriko Kiyuna as the pilot and her boyfriend Shoma Ameku as her catalyst. While neither team are particularly engrossing, I find Koichi and Kyoko more entertaining than Kiriko and Shoma.


The Jokes Wear Thin

Eventually the perverted humor, at least from the Daimidaler side, kind of grows a little tiring. Thankfully, at least to me, the comedy from the Penguins remains solid the entire way. The only joke involving the Penguins that gets old to me is....


Censoring Kinda Defeats The Point

There is a lot of nudity in Daimidaler, and I mean a LOT of nudity. To the point that it was extremely difficult to find enough safe for work pictures that I could use for this review. Being that this is from TNK, the studio that did the just as nudity filled Highschool DxD, this is kind of expected. However they of course go and censor all of it in the version of the show not airing on AT-X(and by extension the home release). What they use for the censoring isn't the typical steam or rays of light, but rather miniature versions of the Penguins posing in front of the nudity. I get that the entire reason they did this was to push people to going premium with the show by either watching it on the aforementioned AT-X or by buying the home release. But still, it is something I really don't like when they do it, and kind of ruins the point about making the show an ecchi comedy series. At the least it wasn't like Dragonar Academy, which had whole chunks of the show removed in the censored version due to their explicit content.


Really it just comes down to your tolerance for perverted humor and seeing lots of skin in anime. If you can tolerate that kind of stuff and like mecha series, I definitely suggest giving this a try. If you love that kind of stuff, then this is a must watch. If you don't like this stuff at all, then this is most certainly not for you, because it forms a substantial part of the show. Personally I like this stuff, allowing myself a few "cheesecake" shows each season that I watch knowing they aren't high brow and are filled with fanservice, so I rather enjoyed this show. Daimidaler is the very definition of a show that you will either love or hate.