Everyone! Crunchyroll is back up! I don't know for how long, but all of you must take this chance to watch the incredibly stupid, but also really funny short series Ishida & Asakura. It is only 12 episodes and each episode is only 2 minutes long, so only 24 total minutes of your time. You must make haste because Crunchyroll is losing the license to this series sometime today, December 31st(along with the first season of Encouragement of Climb(which I recommend watching as well!), Pupa(you can ignore this one), and Beelzebub(way too late to get started on this show, unfortunately)). So get to it! Oh, and if you do see this show, please for the love of god leave your reactions in the comment section below. It's been rather funny seeing the reactions of the people in the Ani-TAY Skype chat as they were watching this series.


UPDATE: Time has expired. CR has now lost the rights to the shows I mentioned about, so the videos have been removed from the site.

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