Enjoy the newest promo of RErideD anime

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It will premiere this October

The official website for the anime of RErideD has uploaded a new promo which you can see bellow:

Takuya Satou (Selector Infected WIXOSS) is directing the anime at Studio Geek Toys; Yoshito Abe (Serial Experiments Lain) is designing the characters.


The official website describes the story as follows:

“The year is 2050. A young engineer named Derrida Yvain became famous thanks to his contribution with the development of the “Autonomous Machine DZ” at Rebuild, the manufacturing company founded by his father. One day, Derrida and his colleague Nathan find a a serious flaw in the “DZ”s and try to warn their boss but are ignored. Although aware of the danger, they reluctantly decide to put off taking any measures and go to Nathan’s daughter Mage’s birthday party. Next day, after spending a peaceful time, Derrida and Nathan are suddenly attacked by unknown forces. At the end of the escape, Derrida falls into a cold sleep machine and 10 years later, he wakes up to a devastated world in the middle of a war. Being attacked by a group of out of control “DZ”s, Deriida almost gives up but he recall’s Nathan’s last words.

“Take care of Mage.”

Despite the harsh fate that has fallen upon him, Derrida sets off to seek Mage.

Beyond the time, we reunite — this is the story of a journey for hope.”

Via: Anime News Network

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