It will premier in January 6.

The Official website for the anime adaptation of Fuuka has uploaded their newest trailer for this anime who is a little more than a week of distance for the premier.

The song in the trailer presents the “My World” song which was written by the Mangaka and author of this series: Kouji Seo.

Mangafox describes the Manga´s story as follows:

“Yuu Haruna just moved into town and loves to be on twitter. Out on his way to buy dinner he bumps into a mysterious girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, who breaks his phone thinking he was trying to take a picture of her panties. How will his new life change now?”


I have been reading the manga and it is entertaining, heck maybe I will be doing a cover-up of this anime for the 2017 winter season; but in any case if I decide to do it the annoucement would be next week.