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Enjoy the newest promo of Asobi Asobase´s anime

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It will premeire on July 8

The official website for the anime adaptation of Asobi Asobase has uploaded it´s first promo qhich you can see bellow:

Seiji Kishi (Persona 4 the animation) is directing the anime at Studio Lerche; Yuu Kinome (Scum Wish) is serving as assistant director; Kakihara (Persona 4 the animation) is in charge of the scripts.


Anime News Network describes the story as follows:

“The “surreal gag” comedy manga revolves around three classmates who play traditional hand games, board games, and card games. Kasumi is smart, serious, and is good at games, but hates them because she always lost to her older sister and was forced to do chores while growing up. She is also extremely bad at English. Olivia is a beautiful girl of American descent, but was raised in Japan, and she only pretends to be bad at Japanese. Hanako is a girl who wears her hair in pigtails and has a bright personality, but still can’t manage to become the kind of normal person she wants to be.”


Via: Anime News Network

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