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It will premier in July 7

The official website for the Anime adaptation of Vatican Miracle Examiner has uploaded a new promo which you can see bellow:

Kodansha describes the story as follows:

“To detect lies, refuse fakes, and reach the miracle of God - that is our mission as Vatican Miracle Examiners. Hiraga, a scientific genius and Roberto, an expert on the decryption of cryptography and ancient documents are not only good partners but also “Miracle Examiners” belonging to Vatican branch. They are secret examiners, who are requested to examine and identify the authenticity of miracles from all over the world. They encounter strange events at the places they visit for examination, such as an emerging stigma and an image of the Virgin Mary shedding tears. A bizarre incident suddenly occurs while the authenticity of a miracle is identified. The case file of the genius priest duo has just begun!”


Yoshitomo Yonetani (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma) is directing the anime at Studio J.C. Staff

Via: Anime News Network

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