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Enjoy the new Teaser of the Monster Strike movie!

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It will premier on December 10.

The Official youtube page of the Monster Strike Anime has uploaded a new version of it´s teaser, now longer. Enjoy.

the film is a prequel to the Youtube´s anime who premiered in Youtube the past year.


Shinpei Ezaki (Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation) is the director at XFlag.

The Anime is still airing and you can watch it with english subtitles in their youtube channel.


Anime News Network describes the storya s follows:

“The anime centers on protagonist Ren Homura, who returns to his hometown of Kaminohara, but something in his memories tells him he didn’t really live in Kaminohara before. After the Monster Strike app is forcefully installed on his phone, the game and its battles start to help him piece together his scattered memories. Ren also uncovers the truth about the smartphone game.”


Via: Anime News Network

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