Enjoy the new promo of BanG Dream! Third season!

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The anime will premiere on this winter season

During a concert of one of the various BanG Dream! project bands a new teaser has been revealed for the upcoming third season. This promo is pretty much a quick recap of the events of the first 2 seasons.

Besides that, it has been revealed that an anime based on the male counterpart, Argonavis, is also in production and will come at some point of 2020.


Now, personally, I will rant a little about the whole Argonavis situation, since even though its part of the same project and the real band has joint concert with the other real bands of the project; for some reason (well, I know the reason well and its waifu culture and the weird followers that any culture or fanbase has with them)has gone to such extremes of having these fictional guys apart of those fictional girls as far as possible to the point of being in even a totally different reality. As if it wasn´t enough with them being in another city and in college rather than highschool; but oh well... It is what it is.

In any case, I have some high hopes for this third season since I highly enjoyed the second one.


Via: Anime News Network

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