Plus an analysis for it!

Bushiroad has showed in the Tokyo Game show today the first promo of the new “Cardfight!! Vanguard G” Season, which will be called “Next” you can watch it bellow.

Now what we can get out of this is the next (pun totally intended)

1.- Chrono is in High School, the one where Kai and Miwa went back in the original series, since Aichi went to another one due that he is a very intelligent man… Also his family has money.

2.- Chrono is bored again, and it seems that Tokoha and Shion didn´t went to the same High School with him, something obvious taking into account that Tokoha wanted to study overseas; and Shion was in a normal middle school just because he wanted to experiment a “vox populy” environment…


3.- A new guy who has a “reverse Chrono Hair” appears! It seems we will get a similar situation like Aichi with Naoki back in the original series (the Link Joker Saga) where one will teach the other about Vanguard.

4.- Chrono is following the steps of Kamui it seems, since it looks like he is working in Card Capital too.


5.- A new white haired guy makes it presence… It´s obvious that he will have a somewhat key role in the season.

6.- Try3 is divided and it seems that Chrono, Tokoha and Shion are in different teams now.

7.- The teams are composed as follows:

a) Team Chrono: Chrono, Taiyou and “Reverse Chrono Hair” new guy.

b) Team Shion: Shion, Rin, and a new Glasses Guy.

c) Team Tokoha: Tokoha, Enishi and Kumi.

8.- So now our friends will be rivals.

9.- Yes… Shion is alive, awesome from my part!

10.- Tokoha had an upgrade in her “Breastsonality”… I mean personality.


Still there are some mysteries left, like if Shion was able to bring his family company back, or if Tokoha never went to overseas, or if she went then…What is she doing in Japan now? Also it is nice to see that Taiyou is in Chrono´s group now, since both have a more or less sibling relationship, it´s also curious to see Rin in Shion´s team, although that might be because she wants to defeat Tokoha for real, that is also good because Rin in her “tsundere” state it´s truly likeable! Also Kumi is in there, which is obvious since she is Tokoha´s Best friend, and Enishi´s appeareance makes me think that after the Stride Gate events he quit his job as a Branch Chief and went on an “auto- discovering” journey.

There are also rumors that the Spike Brothers Clan (one that fuse NFL with Onis) will have a representative, something that is good if true because they haven´t got a good fighter since forever since Kyou and that glasses guy from Link Joker where more like comedy/ cheerleaders characters.

I would dare to say that this will be more like the Original series First season, which was closer to an Sport Anime rather than a Cards one.


In any case the date is in October 2, and I can´t wait!

Talking about October 2… I have an announcement.

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next won´t be covered by me.

For 6 months I have been covering Stride Gate, so now it´s time for a break, I will be covering another series in a weekly basis, and the announcement of what it will be will come in the future. That doesn´t mean I won´t be talking about Vanguard G: Next though! But it will be covered more like how GIRS Crisis and Macross Delta are, ergo with the “X Chapters So Far” article series, where in certain time intervals I will be covering what has happened so far. So there are more vanguard incoming!


Here to check Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Gate and other series

I repeat again, the date is October 2 and it seems this will be another amazing season for Vanguard!