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Based on the characters presented in Euphonium

Eleven Arts has revealed the english subtitled trailer for the movie based on the characters of Sound! Euphonium: Liz and the Blue Bird, which is set to premiere on American theaters in November 9. Enjoy:

Anime News Network describes the story as follows:

“The new film focuses on flutist Nozomi Kasaki and oboist Mizore Yoroizuka, the characters that were also the focus of the Sound! Euphonium 2 anime’s first half. In the new film, both Nozomi and Mizore are in their final year of high school, and Nozomi has rejoined the band. The band’s new competition piece, “Liz and the Blue Bird,” has a flute and oboe duet, which requires both Nozomi and Mizore to be coordinated. But while both have been together since middle school, Mizore is uneasy at the thought of being separated from Nozomi once more at the end of the year, which begins to affect not just their music, but their relationship.”


Via: Anime News Network


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