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Empire of Corpses Theatrical Release Date Announced

The anime film adaptation of Project Itoh’s Empire of Corpses will be playing in theaters for two days: April 19th and April 20th. Unfortunately, tickets aren’t available for pre-order just yet. Funimation lists on their site that the film will be played in English (which I assume means the English dub), and has also posted a trailer (shown above) and a synopsis.


Synopsis: From the studio that produced Attack on Titan comes a captivating historical action thriller based on a Phillip K. Dick Award winning novel by Project Itoh. In an alternate version of 19th century London, the world has been revolutionized by “corpse reanimation technology” creating armies of undead who serve the living as laborers across the globe.


In an attempt to revive his dearly departed friend, young medical student John Watson becomes obsessed with replicating the work of Dr. Victor Frankenstein—the legendary corpse engineer whose research produced the only re-animated corpse to possess a soul. But when his illegal experiments put him at odds with the British government, Watson is drafted into a worldwide race to find the lost research notes of Victor Frankenstein before the secrets of the human soul fall into the wrong hands.

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Random blurb: Funi should do their research next time, because Empire of Corpses did not receive the Philip K. Dick Award. In fact, the novel hasn’t even been released in English, so there’s no way it could have won an award for books published in the US. (Naturally, it received awards in Japan.) It was actually Harmony that received a special citation for the Philip K. Dick Award. Nice try, Funi.



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