Another week another chapter of Eden’s Zero the new manga from the creator of Fairy Tail. As the weeks pass I am starting to get the feeling Hiro Mashima is very much aware of the impression the art style of the manga is leaving with fans, allowing him to subvert expectations if he wishes to do so. This chapter had one such key moment and it was both humorous and exciting all at the same time.

As the chapter opens up we are introduced to the “Adventure Guild” Shooting Starlight. Included in this introduction are shots of familiar faces most notably a shot of Eden’s Zero Levy for all her fans out there. Furthermore, we are intrdouced to the Guilds receptionist Clarrisse Layer who seems to be a slightly more curvy version of the Fairy Tail character Laki Olietta.

Despite the superficial similarities to the Guild Fairy Tail there are some key alterations. The first is that we have yet to see a Master Makarov type character and that the entire guild seems to revolve around “Mother” a celestial being that nobody has actually seen before, except perhaps Shiki...


Included in this expositional onslaught is the fact that Shooting Starlight operates much differently then Fairy Tail did. Where Fairy Tail was by and large a surrogate family for their members, Shooting Starlight is just the place they find work. Mich more akin to how Laxus treated the Guild in the early goings of Fairy Tail then how Natsu, Grey, and Erza saw it.

Before we move on we have to head back up a bit to the idea of “Mother”. As she is almost certainly an important aspect of the story. It is clear Shiki is weird, using Ether Energy to power his attacks which is basically a lost art (see Dragon Slayer Magic...) as opposed to the forms of combat we have seen in the series. Also his assertion that he has likely met “Mother” previously was met with rapturous laughter by the guild.


This implies a couples things regarding “Mother” and the Guild. The first is that by and large she is not seen as real, if nobody has ever seen her then how can somebody believe in her. Its a form of faith, which brings into the second point “Mother” worship does not seem to be isolated to only Shooting Starlight but it is implied she is a guiding force for the other adventure guilds out there.

As the chapter flows on, we are introduced to a new character in Fairy Tail’s own Wendy Marvell with a more distinct look. By which I of course mean Labilia Christy a famous B Cuber (just like Rebecca) that has a relationship with Rebecca that is very much akin to Grey and Natsu’s early relationship in Fairy Tail.


Other then the fact that Labilia or “Libby” as she is popularly known is far more successful and popular (judging by the Guilds reactions) then Rebecca who is positively anonomous the scene doesn’t really add much. Due to her character design it is clear she will be a major part of the story, potentially Rebecca’s main rival and almost certainly her frenimy for now, but at the moment she doesn’t really stand out. Even her unique (...) outfit as of now she seems light a cut rate young Mira who did the punk-rebel look and attitude way more justice despite her limited screen time.

I mean all that really happened was she talked a big game and promptly got her ass handed to her by Shiki. Which seems to have produced a weird kind of obsessive attachment to him. I guess we shall see where that goes.


As the chapter goes on (and on... these are long chapters still) we see a Rave Master/Fairy Tail cameo character in Plue who are now a race of beings the Nikoria. A name I will promptly ignore and continue to call Plue for the foreseeable future.

As they’re eating (Mashima sure likes his food scenes) Rebecca explains the concept of Adventure Ranks ranging from E to and this is just a random guess S Rank and how she and now Shiki are E ranked Adventures. Again a notable shift from Fairy Tail where Natsu and Lucy by the time of the second arc was considered the “Strongest Team” in the guild.


Eventually the two (and Happy) decide upon a Quest. The quest to find Mother as Rebecca thinks being the first person to actually see Mother would make a great B Cube video. Now I will take time her to formally announce how much I hate the idea of “B Cube” is we get enough Youtubers already, I don’t need it in my manga too.

With the dedication and promise of more adventure the chapter finally, blissfully comes to a close. Now, while I am no stranger to information dumps this chapter was particularly full of it. I understand why it is necessary, as Hiro Mashima has a tendency to make epic and sprawling world and you have to establish the rules and concept that undergird it. However, that was still a lot for 30 odd chapters.

That being said I think it worked as the promise of a new adventure is super tantalizing. Also Space Pirate Erza Elsie is coming very soon and that is a moment I cannot wait for!


Eden’s Zero is available streaming of Crunchyroll Manga the same week it releases in Japan.

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