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Dragon Ball Supers Dark Ending a Theory Explained

Generally as a rule I try not to speculate on rumors or theories that are running around the fandom. As they tend to be born of want more then actual information. However with Dragon Ball Super ending in a couple weeks one theory has always intrigued me as honestly it would be so gutsy to do it it could flip Dragon Ball on its head. What if Goku and the heroes lost? What if the winner of the Tournament of Power was Frieza, the true villain of the arc?


This article was inspired by this little piece of potential spoilers:


What a lot of people forget is that the Tournament of Power IS NOT A TEAM EXERCISE. The only reason the Universes work together is shared comradery and the threat of annihilation, however at the end of the day the winner of the Tournament of Power was always to be an individual. The reward - a gift on the Super Dragon Balls - was never a team reward it was for one person to make. It was always assumed this was to be Goku or Jiren as both are in fact heroes and the heroes always win in Dragon Ball.

But what if they don’t? What if the bad guy won? What if Frieza makes a wish on the (this is a reminder) omnipotent wish granting balls that can remake everything. Orbs of power so great they have been stated to have no limitations. What if Frieza got that wish?


This is the crux of the argument, the reasons why this won’t happen is pretty obvious. This is not how Dragon Ball or even the shonen genre works, the villains do not win and if they win it is only temporary. However the reasons for this are actually pretty compelling in my opinion.


Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power has been criticized often and repeatedly for having no central antagonist or for Jiren being a bad one. The issue is Jiren is not an antagonist he is at best an road block for Goku and the gang, however at the same time he is as heroic as Goku. Stating his wish to the Super Dragon Balls would be to resurrect everyone too, the main reason he fights is like Goku he wishes to become stronger.

Frieza on the other hand makes no attempt to hide the fact he is one evil dude. His entire performance in the Tournament of Power has been about two things saving his own sorry hide and having as much fun inflicting pain as possible. Just because Frieza is an ally does not make him a good guy, hell he barely is an ally trying to turn multiple times. When looking at the arc in its entirety there is a strong case to be made it is Frieza who is in fact the main villain, the fact he is still active alongside both Goku and Jiren shows his inclusion on the Team Seven team was more then mere fanservice.


Furthermore, as we know Dragon Ball Super is either going on hiatus or ending? The debate between the two is fierce but for the sake of argument what if it is just a hiatus? When an anime goes off the air it has a way of being forgotten, however a great way to keep interest is a cliffhanger - if you can remember the Summer of Who Shot Mr. Burns, it was EVERYWHERE or before that Who Shot JR on Dallas. If Dragon Ball is indeed returning sometime in 2019 following the next theatrical film, would a Frieza victory not be something VERY interesting?


As Frieza’s wish could indeed have the entirety of the Universe be rewritten by the Super Dragon Balls. One of the most common complaints is after the Tournament of Power where does Dragon Ball go if it indeed goes on? We have already seen some of the most powerful beings in the Universes and that is not including literal Gods. Well a brand new universe made in the image of Dragon Balls most iconic villain would be something new and potentially fun.

All around this is only speculation, however in my opinion there does seem to be something there. It may just be my hope for a surprise coming down the pike as Dragon Ball Super wraps up. However the promise of a Dragon Ball F in 2019 would make losing Vegeta, Goku, and the gang easier to swallow. So what do you think? Is Dragon Ball done for good? Will Frieza emerge victorious, we shall see on March 25th regardless.

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