plus a brief synopsis on how everything began.

With the “God of Destruction Champa” Arc on it´s final chapters. The new Story Arc has been announced and it symbolize the return of Future Trunks. On the visual one can see an “Evil Goku” StillAnime News Network gives a brief description of the story:

SOS From the Future! A New Black Enemy Reveals Himself!” The episode’s plot will start in the future when Earth is free from the Androids’ domination. A man named “Black” suddenly appears, and Trunks tries to defend himself. He is no match, even in his Super Saiyan form. Bulma is resolved to make a time machine and ask for help from Goku and Vegeta from the past, but after half a year, she only accumulated enough fuel for the time machine to make a one-way trip. Then, Black appears again before Bulma and Trunks.”

Akira Toriyama is working on the history and it has been announced that both Beerus and Champa will come back, alongside Supreme Kaio.

So... Goku, Goten, Turles (which is not canon but Whatever), Bardock and now Black... Goku´s hair it is truly fashion in Dragon Ball World it seems.

Also i have some questions regarding the return of future trunks due that it doesn´t make sense since he is from another timeline, so he can´t get to see the Goku and Vegeta of Super... But oh well.


The Chapter will air on June 12.

Via: Anime News Network