Okay well I suppose this is a special edition to my Impression series as I didn’t even know this existed until just a few hours ago. Apparently in the lead up to the new Dragon Ball anime we’re getting a manga version of the anime which is quite neat. As always this will be very spoilery for the manga and I’m assuming the anime as well.

The manga chapter starts in a predictable way with a flashback scene to the end of Dragon Ball Z where Goku is fighting Majin Buu with the assistance of Vegita and Mr. Satan and despite the two Saiyan’s doing all the hard work the world cheers for Mr. Satan. The story flash forwards to the current day where it appears Goku has become a farmer. This is very interesting as it closely mirrors the scenes in the trailer for the anime leading me to believe this is a least for now a direct adaptation of the anime. Furthermore the art style is much more reminiscent of the anime’s style rather then the classic style of Toriyama’s original manga giving it a very distinct anime tie in feel.

Anyways not surprising Goku is a terrible emplyee/farmer and decides to after stuffing his face transform into a Super Saiyan and train in the event a powerful enemy like Majin Buu ever comes again. Which doesn’t take brilliant reading comprehension to strike you as foreshadowing... following this more humorous turn of events Mr. Satan appears for reasons yet unknown...


Now in a galaxy far far away we see Lord Beerus and Whis attending a feast with an alien race. In an epic mistake the alien hosts try to assassinate the God of Destruction though poison. Beerus quickly realizes this and effortlessly shrugs off the poisoning and destroys the planet along with the race and its incredibly stupid leader. Following this we’re back on Earth where Mr. Satan is attempting to give Goku the prize money he received for saving the world from Majin Buu. Goku decided to accept the prize of 100,000,000 zenny marking the end of the first time we ever actually see Goku doing a days work for pay. He accepts the sum of money for the sole purpose of getting back his free time to be able to train with King Kai.

Following this we return to Beerus who tells of his dream about the one fighter who can challenge him. The Super Saiyan God, following this Grand Kai and Elder Kai sense a great power is coming and appears quite worried. What is interesting about all this is how similar it is to Battle of Gods but simultaneously different. The major one being Beerus is already awake rather then be asleep. Leading me to think admittedly with VERY limited information that the manga (and therefore the anime) could be a retelling of Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods. Regardless of what comes about I think it’ll be a very fun ride and I’m looking forward to more Dragon Ball!