About a week ago, I got a friend of mine to watch anime for the first time. (Yes, it is possible.) So, I started her off with something I thought she would enjoy: Gurren Lagann. I love this anime and since we share many interests I thought she would enjoy it as well...I thought wrong.

She called it disgusting, then claimed that this is why we need feminism. I immediately knew what she was talking about: Fan Service. I'm not going to lie and say there's not much fan service in Gurren Lagann, there is. But, I don't believe that there is enough fan service to bog down the show in general. Fan service has been a problem for many people, as it seems to be like something blocking the TV, with the TV being the actual show.

I don't dislike feminism at all but I don't think that as it stands it is capable of doing anything in the anime industry as my friend seems to think.

This leads me to ask a question to you all: Do we need feminism to try and do do something regarding anime in the same way that Anita Sarkeesian has tried to do something regarding sexist tropes in gaming?

Edit: While I agree that this is my fault and that I should have started off with something that has less fan service in it, she did end up liking the show overall.