It has been recently confirmed that an Anime adaptation of Dimension W.

The Manga has been serialized since 2011 on Square-Enix´s Young Gan-Gan Magazine.

The Story, acording to Otaku news, is as follows:

Set in the year 2072, the story involves the “interdimensional electromagnetic induction devices” called “coils” that extract energy. Coils are able to gather a seemingly infinite amount of energy from dimension W. Kyoma is a repo man who recovers illegal coils, and together with a mysterious girl named Mira, the two search for the truth.

The Staff revealed so far is the next (Props to Otaku News for that!).

Original Work: Yuji Iwahara (serialized in Square Enix Publishing’s Young Gangan)
Director: Kanta Kamei
Series Composer: Shotaro Suga
Character Designer: Tokuyuki Matsutake
Animation Production: Studio 4Hz x Orange