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Digimon Tri secrets revealed?

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Most likely due to the troubled development that Digimon Tri seems to be undergoing very little is known about the then much awaited anime and now of course six part movie series, which in itself is still kind of a mystery. However according to ANN intrepid users have discovered within the source code of the website references to Daisuke better known as Davis to North American audiences. Daisuke/Davis is of course from the sequel anime Digimon Adventure 2.


This is an interesting development as although long suspected it now seems to confirm at least tangentially that the anime will be taking place following the events of Digimon Adventure 2. Which again not a huge shocker considering the Tri in the name... If true it would place Digimon Adventure Tri three years after the events of Digimon Adventure 2. Again this is only idle speculation but fun speculation. Perhaps we will see the end to the Dark Ocean arc after all...

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