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Crunchyroll Retrospective Thoughts

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Something I've been pondering on for a little bit (and have said so in Skype) is the idea of doing some kind of Crunchyroll retrospective. The idea would be to look back at old years, or possibly seasons once the content amount starts to pick up, and try to pick out shows that might be worth checking out.


For new anime fans, or even ones who've been around a year or two it can be hard to find recommendations on older shows (outside of perennial classics), because the fandom moves on so quickly, and has a fairly short term memory. It's now been about 6 years since Crunchyroll went legit and started doing seasonal streams, and a little bit longer with some transitional shows. There's plenty of stuff to mine through, even if you ignore the old classics that got uploaded at random times.

I think I've been with Crunchyroll for about that long, thanks to shows like Time of Eve and The Diary of Tortov Roddle, but there are big chunks missing in my viewings from certain periods.


For example, if you look here, I apparently only watched Sweet Blue Flowers from their entire 2009 catalogue, a show which I don't think they even have any longer. This would mean other shows would just come from hearsay or general opinions, rather than firsthand experience.

So, the questions are:

  • Would anyone be interested in trying something like this?
  • Do we have many / any members who have watched and can give opinions on some of the older content?

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