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Crunchyroll Guest Pass Dump Volume 3

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Hey guys! The anime season’s just starting up, and its been a while since we did the last one of these. Feel free to dump any crunchyroll passes in the comments below, and anyone looking for 48 hours of ad free crunchyroll anime feel free to take one! (Please just comment that you took one so others know which are still free.)


To start off I have a few from me... first come first serve. The date below is the best before date, fyi.

49D5MQSDTX4Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 HoursValidJan 26, 2016Not Redeemed Yet
675V36NYMR7Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 HoursValidFeb 26, 2016Not Redeemed Yet

Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 Hours


Mar 26, 2016

Not Redeemed Yet


*Credit to Stanlick for the header image

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