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Completely Unnecessary: Recommended Viewing/Reading Order of The Monogatari Series

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Since I finally realized Zoku Owarimonogatari was out, I decided to go back and edit this list after finishing it. Enjoy!


Ah, The Monogatari Series. Love it or hate it, it has become one of anime’s most recognizable series to date; garnering mass appeal due to its quirky visuals, interesting characters, and excellent dialogue. However, as the series was originally written as a personal project by Nisio Isin before being pressed to publish it, the timeline is all over the place, and it can get confusing trying to wrap your head around what’s happening in relation to previous events. Thus I present you my recommended, but not necessary, viewing/reading order of this ubiquitous series, along with the chronological dates. If you’re a newcomer to the series, or are just wanting to try this out and don’t mind jumping around the different seasons, this viewing/reading order should help you better understand when everything is going on without ruining any surprises. If you’re familiar with the story, give the chronological order a shot! Seeing everything in order is a very different experience. Now on with the list~

(Note: At time of writing, Zoku Owarimonogatari is not available legally outside Japan.)

  1. Bakemonogatari: Hitagi Crab (May 8th, Year X)
  2. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Flower (May 9th - May 10th, Year X)
  3. Bakemonogatari: Mayoi Snail (May 14th, Year X)
  4. Bakemonogatari: Suruga Monkey (May 23rd - May 27th, Year X)
  5. Bakemonogatari: Nadeko Snake (June 11th - June 12th, Year X)
  6. Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Cat (June 13th - June 16th, Year X)
  7. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Sand (Late June, Year X)
  8. Kizumonogatari: Koyomi Vamp (March 25th - April 8th, Year X)
  9. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Stone (April 11th - April 12th, Year X)
  10. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Water (Certain weekend in July, Year X)
  11. Nisemonogatari: Karen Bee (July 29th - July 30th, Year X)
  12. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Wind (Early August, Year X)
  13. Nisemonogatari: Tsukihi Phoenix (August 14th, Year X)
  14. Nekomonogatari Black: Tsubasa Family (April 29th - May 7th, Year X)
  15. Kabukimonogatari: Mayoi Jiangshi (August 20th - August 21st, Year X)
  16. Onimonogatari: Shinobu Time (August 21st - August 23rd, Year X)
  17. Nekomonogatari White: Tsubasa Tiger (August 21st - August 24th, Year X)
  18. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Tree (Late September, Year X)
  19. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Tea (Certain weekday in October, Year X)
  20. Owarimonogatari: Ougi Formula (October 23rd, Year X)
  21. Owarimonogatari: Sodachi Riddle/Lost (October 24th - October 25th, Year X)
  22. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Mountain (November 1st, Year X)
  23. Otorimonogatari: Nadeko Medusa (October 31st - November 2nd, Year X)
  24. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Torus (December, Year X)
  25. Koimonogatari: Hitagi End (January 1st - February 1st, Year X+1)
  26. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Seed (Mid January, Year X+1)
  27. Tsukimonogatari: Yotsugi Doll (February 13th - February 14th, Year X+1)
  28. Owarimonogatari: Shinobu Mail (August 23rd - August 24th, Year X/March 13, Year X+1)
  29. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Nothing (March 13th, Year X+1)
  30. Koyomimonogatari: Koyomi Dead (March 13th, Year X+1)
  31. Owarimonogatari Season 2: Mayoi Hell (March 13, Year X+1)
  32. Owarimonogatari Season 2: Hitagi Rendezvous (March 14th, Year X+1)
  33. Owarimonogatari Season 2: Ougi Dark (March 14th - March 15th, Year X+1)
  34. Hanamonogatari: Suruga Devil (April 9th - April 21st, Year X+1)
  35. Zoku Owarimonogatari: Koyomi Reverse (March 15th - March 18th, Year X+1)

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