Anime This!: Issue #1: "NEXTWAVE" (Marvel Comics)

Welcome to what I hope its a recurring feature, in which I share a western comic book, video game, book or any other work that should be turned into Anime, because lets face it, what part of that idea isn't awesome? Let's dive into the long boxes and see what we find today!

Title: NEXTWAVE (later changed to NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF H.A.T.E.)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Authors: Warren Ellis (Writer), Stuart Immonen (Art)

Run: 2006 to 2007 (12 issues)

Genre: Superhero, Parody, Satire, Humor, Proof that sometimes the universe truly loves us and shows its love in mysterious ways.


What was it about?

Madness. Glorious, Glorious sheer madness at the expense of the craziest and most bizarre aspects of the Marvel Universe, all seen through the wise cracking, acerbic madcap humor of Warren Ellis, whose demented ideas and sequences are expertly given unnaturally kinetic momentum and absurd charm by Stuart Immonen's stylized, dynamic art style.

If you have ever seen the excellent documentary (or its trailer) about Alejandro Jodorowsky's amazing attempt to make a "Dune" movie, you'd see that glorious madman of cinema claiming that he was "Raping Frank Herbert's beloved book, but with love!"

That's the same thing Ellis and Imonen do here to the Marvel Universe.

Okay, lets see if i can actually explain the plot here and not end up on some sort of watchlist:

Nextwave is a brand new superhero group recruited and created by Dirk Anger, the utterly insane and probably chemically unbalanced leader of Global Anti Terrorism Organization H.A.TE. (Marvel couldn't let Ellis use Nick Fury or SHIELD, and that loss was insanity's gain) , with the purpose of fighting and keeping under control Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction unleashed by the evil BEYOND Corporation, whether they be rented inter dimensional demons, underpants wearing chinese dragons, a corrupt cop turned into a giant mecha, or broccoli based humanoid assassins.


Led by one time Avenger/Captain Marvel (a fact she mentions at least four times every issue) Monica Rambeau, the team is composed of Tabitha "Boom Boom" Smith, a mutant former member of X-Force whose powers are blowing things up, kleptomania and absolutely no impulse control or moral restraints whatsoever; Elsa Bloodstone, a British mystically empowered monster hunter, whose peculiar upbringing due to her family's trade as hunters of the creatures of the night powers her battle lust and insane enjoyment of violence to awesome levels; android Aaron "Machine Man" Stack, whose insane arsenal of weapons hidden inside his body are nowhere as lethal as the huge chip on his shoulder due to his artificial nature and his DEEP contempt for "fleshy ones" (read: humans); finally, there's The Captain, a drunken mess of a man with generic superpowers granted to him by aliens one night, and whose life up to this point is a constant change of code names and identities, the book making it very clear that the guy was pretty much behind the mask of any generic character whose name included "Captain" during the horrible, horrible 90's era of comic books. He actually went by the name "Captain "Insert horrible offensive word here"" at one point, until a team up with Captain America ended up with him beaten up and waking up with a bar of soap on his mouth.


Of course, being paid to be superheroes while blowing crap up and beating up bad people is too good to be true for this team of has beens, losers, nut-jobs and weirdos. Thanks to Tabitha's kleptomania (she actually stole the evil BEYOND corporation's marketing plan!), the team discovers that H.A.T.E. is actually owned by BEYOND and Dirk Anger knows/doesn't care, so they just hightail it and decide to fight against their former employer/boss and the evil corporation behind him. Madness, hilarity, obscure character appearances and sheer insanity like never seen before in a Marvel Comic ensues, all wrapped in a sense of humor that straddles the line between awfully funny, and funnily awful...and thus can get away with the type of insanity that no traditional superhero comic would or could get away with, or even dare trying to. Like ravenous koala bombing runs.


Who should adapt it into Anime?

I feel insulted you even have to ask, fictionalized mental image of this article's reader:


What other maniacs in the anime world but Studio Trigger could make Nextwave justice? "Kill la Kill" is pretty much people's exhibit A to Z when it comes to making the case for Trigger handling Nextwave, and quite frankly, I cannot think of any other studio that could adapt Nextwave's absolutely bonkers mixture of insanity, action, quirkiness and humor in all its demented glory.

Hell, Marvel, just give it a shot and kickstart it if necessary; I assure you the whole project would be funded in a matter of days. Its that good of a fit of an original work tailor made for an anime adaptation and a talented anime studio who would get it oh so perfectly right in all its vivid, demented glory.


Besides, do any of you want to live on a world where we will never see this (and this is just ONE double spread of a whole series of them that further escalate as the issue goes) animated on screen?


Yeah, we all need that in our lives, right?

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