Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection - New(ish) Teaser Break Down

If you are a modern fan of anime and came into the medium in the past decade there is a good chance you were told by somebody to watch this anime. There is a good reason for that by most standards Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a modern day classic, it’s place in anime’s consciousness is secure. As such with the announcement Code Geass would be getting a full on sequel (it previously had an interquel OVA Series) fans were understandably excited. Sadly I have a feeling once we break this down some many be less excited... slightly.

Today we got the first look at the “new” trailer. I use new in quotation marks as this is actually not a trailer for Lelouch of the Resurrection in a true sense but the first public release of the footage released an a 10th Anniversary Event in Chiba a few months ago. That being said there is interesting things to digest.


The first image of the trailer is a washed up Zero Helmet moving onto the shore of a beach. The helmet looks kind of melted and broken down. Personally I am of the mind this isn’t of major importance and is likely a tone setting device. Most notably a “Zero” is supposed to still exist within the world, the helmet is likely a product of an earlier event from the series such as when Leluche got blown up by Schneizel from the air in S1.

The next set of scenes sees a disturbance in a random city from an unknown source, the cause of which is obviously unknown. It then transitions to what appears to be the Chinese Federation where Kaguya and a few of her retainers are having an idyllic tea party when one of her aides rushes in. This causes Kaguya to issue an order in a very Zero-esque way, perhaps the young lady has been learning.

We then get a silhouette of what looks to be the Zero outfit. It’s CLEARLY not Lelouche though as the figures physical activity is too damn much. It’s likely Suzaku still wearing the mask as he was commanded to do in the final episode of R2, as punishment for his role as the Knight of Zero in the Zero Requiem.


Following this we get a few high speed action scenes that will make up a sizable amount of the series. However two scenes stood out in my viewing the first was a Knightmare Frame shooting from the water and then later using a Prysm Based Weapon. This fits to a tee the description of Lelouche’s personal Knightmare Frame the Shinkiro, though that unit was destroyed. Could it be a red hearing who knows but it is still interesting.


Following this we get a look at another Knightmare Frame. Which at first I thought was the Shinkiro as well due to the colour scheme, though that is likely not the case. As it clearly lacks the tell tell signs of the druid system of which all of Leluche’s custom models used, furthermore it shares key similarities to the Lancalot Albion. Most notably the four segment Float Unit “Wings” and the golden sword like things on the side. My personal theory is this is the suit that Suzaku used/is using during his time as Zero, hence the Lancalot Albion with Zero colours.


Miscellaneous scenes scattered throughout the trailer each seem to link to a complex of ruins. Though we don’t see much both of them beyond a mysterious couple (I suspect one of them in C.C.) and Cornelia where both seem to be interested in them. Again a personal theory is the ruins are connected to the Geass Cult that we were introduced too in Code Geass R2. This could also be supported as Cornelia’s site seems to be the place of an semi-recent battle, with a dead body impaled by a sword - though the body is not decomposed much yet while ivy has wrapped itself around the blade.

After a few more action sequences we see Suzaku in a bit of trouble. A few things stick out to me about this scene, the first is he looks to be wearing his Knight of Zero outfit and he is clearly in a Orange Orchard. Considering we know Jeremiah “Orange-kun” is still around could this be in reference to him and Anya who retired to an orchard. The final scene leads to a close up of a Geass empowered Eye revealing Lelouche for the first time in the teaser.


All around its a fun little teaser but that is all it really is, a teaser. Nothing too much is given away that one couldn’t speculate on there own. Though the glimpse of the Shinkiro was a nice touch. What did everyone else think about the teaser?

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