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CLAMP to Publish New Cardcaptor Sakura Manga

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Cardcaptor Sakura is 20 years old this year and the enduring shojo magical girl manga is still one of the titans in the genre. In honour of its 20th the all female Mangaka team CLAMP has announced they will publish a new Cardcaptor Sakura manga in the coming months although details are scarce.


It’s likely their time will be freed up once they complete their following up to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa: World Chronicle next month. Although there isn’t a lot of information at the moment as a giant fan of CLAMP I’m giddy with excitement at the moment. As other then flashes and glimps in related manga (Tsubasa and xxxHolic) very little is known about Sayoran and Sakura’s relationship following her encounter with the resurrected Clow Reed.

Furthermore with both xxxHolic Rei and Tsubasa: World Chronicle continuing the collective universe how this will fit in, if it does at all will be another key mystery. Anyways for fans of CLAMP this is a good day even if its a one chapter Epilogue to the series or another three volume series.

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