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MY FIRST STORY is a Japanese rock band helmed by Hiroki Moriuchi, the younger brother of One OK Rock’s lead singer Takahiro Moriuchi. You might recognize the band from Nobunaga Concerto’s ending theme ‘Fukagyaku Replace’, a song that made it into my top music list for the Summer 2014 anime season.

The band hasn’t released a single since their album 虚言NEUROSE was released back in October of last year, but they appear to be gearing up for another studio work with the release of a new single, ALONE, which includes the song ‘失踪FLAME’. Check out the music video below:

Hiroki, much like his brother, like to use English in his music, but hasn’t quite achieved the same level of master in pronunciation. That being said, he is an excellent vocalist and the powerful chorus is an excellent use of his musical ability much like previous works. The actual instrumentation feels a bit more sophisticated this time around however, which is likely a result of the band’s work culminating over the past few years in increased quality. I’ll be looking forward to their next album.


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