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Cardfight!! Vanguard: Shineemon Arc anime announced!

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The anime is a prequel to the existing series centered on Shin´s younger days.

During a briefing presented by Bushiroad where they touched various franchises they have like BanG Dream, Future Card Buddyfight and so forth. It has been revealed that a new anime of Cardfight!! Vanguard is in production, and you can see the trailer bellow(time at 01:04:12)

The anime is a prequel that will center on the character of Niita Shineemon AKA Shin, which in the actual series is the owner od the store “Card Capital”. Now on his younger days and after the decease of a close relative he will have to guide the store and keeping it afloat until the true heir, the small Mizaki, is old enough to manage it! Besides that he will have to handle his school life, and trying to make the previous cheerful Mizaki, get out of the depression she has for having lost both of her parents.


In the teaser and the key image from the returning characters we can see: The Sub-manager cat, Mizaki as a child, middle school Mikuru Shindou, high school Mark and Rive Shindou.

The anime is set to premiere on August 24.

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