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Okay give me some time here. A new sequel manga series of the much loved Cardcaptor Sakura has been announced as a full manga. Considering both CLAMP’s recent sequels xxxHolic Rei and Tsubasa: World Chronicles both ended with four volumes I expect Cardcaptor Sakura 2 to be around the same length. The sequel is for the series (franchises by this point?) 20th anniversary.


Now to make things more confusing/exciting/”When are you going to finish X!” inducing CLAMP has announced a new anime which will tie into the new manga... the one that isn’t out yet... yup a manga we have not seen is getting a new “anime project” - of course the chance of Cardcaptor Sakura not being animated eventually seemed very slim anyways.

Like all things surrounding this series right now not much is known about the anime project, if its an adaption of the manga, a spin off, a gaiden story, or an OVA, ect. Anyways I’m looking forward to it all the same and will of course be covering whatever comes our way next...


Via ANN:

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