Hello and welcome back after this unfortunate (and ongoing) delay, however with any luck next Sunday with Episode 8 we shall be back to our regular schedule. On my end things have been hectic and my writing have taken a hit because of it. However, Card Captor Sakura is still airing so I will be doing my best to catch up. As these episodes are a bit aged by this point, we’ll forgo the recap sections and focus more just on my feelings surrounding the episodes.

Both Episode 5 and 6 took a different approach to the series then what we had seen previously, namely the series has finally reached the part I had be wondering about - filler. You see at the rate of adaptation it was impossible for Clear Card to have its stated 22 episodes without filler material, the adaptation rate of 2.5 chapters to 1 episode was too damn fast. It was on an unsustainable pace.

As I wrote previously, I had a feeling they wanted to set the stage as fast as they could and bring in Ahiko before the filler. As its assumed she will play a major role in the series as a support character... or the villain. Personally, I think this is a red herring but there is signs she is magical like Sakura. The way the anime lingered on her stuffed bunny was suspicious to say the least.


That being said, the quality of the filler was much like the filler aspects of the other Episodes. As the series blended filler and manga material to the point where I needed to check on the manga to see which was which. This is one of the major strengths of the Card Captor Sakura franchise, their filler is among the least intrusive in anime. Many don’t even know enter aspects of the series are filler.

Speaking of major aspects of the series that many do not know are filler ... Mei Ling makes an appearance! Answering another of my questions is Clear Card canon to the manga of CCS or the anime. As Mei Ling is a filler character it appears they are going to stay canon to the anime. Though how they are going to square the circle that is the ending of the anime as opposed to the manga is still an open question.


For the rest of the episodes they felt more slice of life then anything, even the cardcaptoring themselves did not play a major role in these episodes. Accounting for at most seven or eight minutes of the air time. Which is not surprising considering the creators are trying to slow down the pace of the series.

At the end of the day I am fine with this shift in Clear Card, as it will allow us the audience to get our bearing and increase the excitement of when major events happen. Going forward Clear Card is on strong footing now that we have moved into the filler territory of the anime, especially as I know there is at least one major character that still is to be addressed.


Again, sorry for the delay in posting. My write up for Episodes Seven and Eight will be on their usual time on Sunday so I hope people find their way back. Leave questions or comments, have a good one.

If you didn’t know X/1999 is my favorite CLAMP manga and its anime (and this song) is a huge part of why. A very different series from Card Captor Sakura, this downer apocalyptic shojo manga really shows the range of CLAMP as artists. Being their most depressing and violent series its something every CLAMP fan should read, even if the ending is likely never coming...