After the fanservice filled episode seven, Episode Eight Sakura, the Clock, and a Hide-and-Seek Game was a sort of return to form for the series. As the main plot returned to crystal clear focus for the duration of the episode. Including a long awaited scene, a new character, and a revelation that hints at something bigger.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card has a fun little habit of introducing elements from the previous series into the current narrative, sometimes little throw away lines and images others full on important information. The reveal of Ahiko’s house being Eriol’s from the first series is almost certainly the latter rather then the former. There is just no way this is not an important piece of narrative.

As I have said before and I still feel strongly now I do not feel Ahiko is a villain, though she could be antagonistic. Well as antagonistic as Cardcaptor Sakura allows. Remember both Yue and Eriol himself, were only stepping stones on Sakura’s journey. They were intended to be a challenge not a mortal threat to Sakura, with only Yue in his role as the Judge actually having the ability to end Sakura’s journey.

Another major event that is a first for the series is that Sakura official asked Sayoran out for a date. Despite their feelings been known to each other since the end of the Sealed Card they still act quite awkward around each other, which makes sense they are only 13 by this point in the story. So awkwardness is expected, even if they are destined to be soulmates.

As the episode continues more and more is stuffed in. Easily making this one of the most eventful if not action packed Clear Card episodes in sometime. Another encounter between Sakura and the mysterious person in the dream occurs, as Sakura realizes the dreamscape is actually a clock.


How this effects anything remains a mystery as while space and dimensions are an explored territory within the CLAMPverse, time asa concept is rather muddled. As manipulation of time goes against one of the key mantra’s of CLAMP “There is no such thing as coincidence in this world, there is only hitsuzen”. To put it simply, everything happens for a reason and undoing it (like bringing the dead back to life) is the ultimate taboo of magic.

If Clear Card is an attempt to subvert this rule within the CLAMPverse the story could be far less stand alone then one thinks. Or like last weeks episode the whole thing could just by my imagination running wild. Who really knows?

The final big event of the episode is the introduction of Yuna, Ahiko’s buttler. Who totally isn’t suspicious at all... I mean the half faced reveal, the lingering shot of his pocket watch which seems to have a magic crest on it, likely from England where Eriol lives, and just happens to spend all his time in Eriols House... yes... not suspicious in the slightest.


As the tour of Ahiko’s house continues Tomoyo and Sakura venture into her cavernous library, where it is revealed that Ahiko and Yuna came to Japan in search of a particular book. Again on its face nothing too suspicious, but lets just say there is no such thing as coincidence in this world.

During the tour Sakura senses a Clear Card and quickly captures it. The fight the least eventful of the series and is likely less important then the Card itself. The “Lucid” Card. If anyone is familiar with dream therapy the idea of a “Lucid Dream” is where you are dreaming and aware you are in a dream, often granting you limited control over the dream. Considering the main medium of Sakura and the mysterious figures interactions are in what could be considered a Lucid Dream it is interesting.

Add on top of all this Ahiko’s favorite book is “Alice in Clockland” from the same author who wrote Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The cover design is reminiscent of the clock in the Dreamscape as well. Beyond that the book is written in an unknown language which looks distinctly mystical.


With so much going on in one place, in one episode, it is leaving my suspicious. CLAMP is very good at drip feeding information to its viewers with key pieces of information often not known until months later. Too much of this just seems on the nose and not their style, since this is a canon episode unlike the last couple. I think I might be smelling a big fat bright red herring.

If after all that you think Clear Card episode 8 was done, well no. Back in England Ruby is getting anxious and wants to return to Japan to help Sakura. However, Eriol once again stops her saying it is not time for them to interfere. What is interesting is that Ruby seems genuinely concerned which conflicts with her previous carefree attitude of the original series. How Eriol and Clow Reed fits into all this is an open question.

Sorry about the length of this write up as this episode was so packed to the brim it took quite a bit more to make it happen. However it is done and all is well as I am caught up! I hope you enjoyed reading this write up, took a bit more work then normal. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, see you Sunday!