Holy Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Sakura that was unexpected. I was planning on doing a double write up to catch up with the anime, however Episode 7 - Sakura and a Game of Tag in the Garden proved a bit too interesting to short change like that. As such this will be a standard one episode write up followed by Episode Eight shortly. I hope that is all okay with you?

As episode Seven beings I expected another light hearted episode as it serves to reintroduce Sonomi Daidouji. A character in the first series who’s first appearance in Sakura and the Sports Day of Flower was one of the more fluffy episodes of the first cour. Luckily if you are familiar with Sonomi you will see she has not changed. Still being very much enamored with Sakura, the daughter of her cousin/best friend/implied crush. As if you are keeping track, yes, that makes Sakura and Tomoyo third cousins.

As the episode continues to go on it further reminds me how much Cardcaptor has come into the present, with drones and video phones a common technological appliance. It does not make a lot of sense in the grand scheme of the series but its nice to see the series is not set in the past.

The majority of Episode Seven revolves around Sakura and Tomoyo trying to figure out how the record card works. This does seem more of an excuse for Sakura and Tomoyo (especially Tomoyo) to look cute and act cute. Based on Sayoran’s reaction to seeing Sakura in her outfit for the first time, I think he agrees Sakura looks “adorable” in Tomoyo’s words.


This is technically Tsubasa’s Clone handing him the sword...

Once the action starts up the show quickly shifts focus to Sayoran who unveils a new trick, the palm seal summoning of his sword. Which interestingly enough is not the first time we have seen that from a character named Sayoran Li. As this is almost a 1:1 replication of how Tsubasa’s Sayoran would summon his sword, as shown clearly in the series best OVA Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation.

Interestingly, in the manga when he speaks about his power Sayoran Li (real name Tsubasa Li - it’s complicated) makes reference to learning his skills which include the Shourai magic and inheriting his sword from his father.


One of the most common theories regarding the parentage of Tsubasa Li before the ending of the series Tsubasa was that he is in fact the son of Sayoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura explaining his impressive magical abilities. However, the ending of the series complicates things, as by the events of Tsubasa a time paradox was created which sees Tsubasa’s father being his own clone... Now, if you have ever heard a fan say Tsubasa makes no sense this is why. Even myself, a CLAMP superfan, still cannot for the life of me adequately explain what the hell went on.

Going on to link the CLAMP series together it is explicitly stated that the world of Cardcaptor Sakura and xxxHolic the sister series of Tsubasa are the same. It is also known that Yuko the Dimensional Witch one of the most powerful magical beings in the CLAMPverse is also very much aware of the Sakura’s and Sayoran’s of the multiverse. As Sakura Kinomoto used the Star Wand to pay a price for Tsubasa Sakura (this is not the same character as Tsubasa Li) in the climax of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

What does this all mean for Clear Card? Honestly? Not much likely, it may just be a fun reference for the fans of the CLAMPverse or it could be a deliberate attempt to tie the series together. As Clear Card the manga is being written (sort-of) concurrently with the continuation of xxxHolic and premiered following the ending of Tsubasa’s own sequel. Showing CLAMP has not forgotten about the multiverse.


Anyways... sorry for the distraction but back to Card Capturor Sakura! So ya a small “fight” breaks out that really isn’t much of one. As much like The Flower Card from Sakura and the Sports Day of Flower in the original series the Flight Card just wants to be friends and willingly accepts Sakura’s “capture”. Making the fight kind of anti-climactic.

As the episode comes to an end Sakura summons her now Clear Card and taking the form of a long tailed ribbon, Sakura is once again able to fly. It is quite different from them older Flight Clow Card as it is much more agile, further showing that the Clear Cards are not merely transformed Sakura Cards.


As a whole I was very much entertained by this episode as it gives a lot of great material for fans to argue over, while simultaneously being a good slice of magical life anime. With over half a cour finished, Card Captor Sakura Clear Card has surpassed my expectations of what to expect and I look forward to chatting with you for Episode Eight.

I think it is pretty obvious why I picked this one for this episode, is it not?