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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card - Episode 3 - Sakura's Heavy Rain Alert Impressions

Well that episode was more action packed then I initially expected to be honest. With the emergence of the Aqua I was excited to see one of the most aggressive Cards in the manga make their appearance and I was not disappointed. However when the Card appeared and was sealed before the halfway point of the episode I was shocked to be quite frank.


The conflict with the Card thankfully was everything I wanted it to be with Madhouse perfectly capturing the spirit of CLAMPS gorgeous art work. Even with Sakura wearing one of the sillier and cute costumes, it looks like children pajama’s, the fight still had a gravity that is rare in this more lighthearted series.


What was quite shocking about this though was how quickly it happened as the first sealing was done within twelve minutes of the epsidoe. With the Cards effects, attack, appearance, and capture all being done well in a short period of time. I would argue it is a testament to the animation staff for pulling this off so well.


Following the confrontation with the Aqua the second Clear Cards appearance was a little anti-climactic. As the Reflect Card did not give a whole lot of opportunity to show off the skill of the staff as Aqua did. However the fact that the anime went ahead with the Reflect Card so fast was another surprise.

As right now Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card is almost becoming the anti-Black Clover with a surprisingly liberal adaptation rate. The anime in only three episodes has already adapted six chapters of the manga, half a year of content in three weeks! A nearly unheard of rate of adaptation for a monthly manga. Even 1.5 chapters per episode is a quick pace which is what the recent Attack on Titan averaged out too.


That being said, I am not complaining in the slightest about this as the anime is turning into a very fun ride. I just don’t think the anime can keep up this pace for too long as eventually they will run out of manga to adapt.

My personal theory is that the production staff is rushing the initial chapters to get to the point (next week) where new key characters are introduced. Following which they will slow down the rate of adaption, much like how the original series pushed forward quickly to get Sayoran Li introduced.


Outside of the carcaptoring parts of the episode there were some quiet and enjoyable parts, such as the callback to the original series when the cast cross-dressed. Sayoran in a blonde wig never gets old after all. However there were very important parts too.

With it being hinted at more and more Li knows far more about the current happenings then he is letting on. It is also strongly hinted at Toya has manifested a new magical ability that will come into play sometime later. Perhaps he is filling the role Mikazuki-Sensei played in the first series, or is his new abilities more ominous? Honestly, I am not too sure.


Overall I had a lot of fun with this episode and its cemented Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card as my favorite anime of the season, though Gintama: Soul of Silver may creep into that spot soon. The animation remains top notch, the story is running along at a insane but good pace, and the series is legitimately interesting.

I hope Studio Madhouse can keep up the good work, if they can I have a feeling Clear Card will be remembered as fondly as the original. Let me know what you all thought about the episode in the comments! It is always more fun to talk with you guys.

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