Another month another magical moment. Clear Card opens up slightly low key, despite the potential betrayal revealed in the previous chapter. The manga opens with a simple slice of life. Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Kinomoto family enjoying breakfast; it is a cute moment but a mere breakfast none the less reminding the reader of the close relationship of the characters and that not everything is magic.

Considering the last few pages of the previous chapter, the opening of this chapter is surprising in how little happens. A friends sweet recipe seems a weak prologue. However Madis... Tomoyo and Sakura mixing a sweet dessert is a fun reminder, no mater what happens the two are close souls. An important concept within the CLAMPverse. Opening a new scene, Toya and Yukito enter forcing Kero-chan into his stuffed animal state.

This is not huge hindrance. As Kero-chans glutinous nature overwhelms his anger as he hides. Moving on the two friends return to Sakura’s room, where Tomoyo manages to dress her in a “nostalgic” Cardcaptor outfit. However as the two friends have fun together a mysterious energy engulfs them.

Sakura quickly comes to the realization she must deal with the new Card that has surprisingly attacked her. However she doesn’t seem to understand how. Tomoyo of course is as clueless as any non-magical being despite being affected by the card.


As Sakura tries to find the boundaries of the area. She seems unable too. As the page moves out the boundary is revealed to be a cube. While not shown previously in the Cardcaptor Sakura manga, a perfect cube is not an unusual occurrence within the CLAMPverse, as a Magical Barrier preventing damage is a common occurrence in the X/1999 manga as a form of arena.


Flashing over to Eriol the reincarnate of Clow Reed from the battle. He seems concerned with the events in Japan especially as one of his companions has fallen asleep. This all despite the fact the not-so innocent man seems to know much more then he is letting on.

Returning to Sakura and Tomoyo the two girls remain under siege by the mysterious Card. Tomoyo though realizes they’re under attack by a “Clow Card” imploring Sakura to use the power of the new staff. Allowing Sakura to subdue the card making the Siege Card the newest addition to her collection, one not connected to Clow Reed yet again.

As the series moves on I still don’t see how it is coming along. Sayoran as shown previously knows more then he lets on, Tomoyo is now showing magical abilities previously unseen. While magical abilities previously unknown in this universe manifesting themselves.


In just four months we’ve had Dragons and Barriers. This CLAMP fan is wondering if they forgot the series they’re writting, as this feels more like X/1999. I’m of course joking but more X/1999 references is always a good thing. As always what do you all think?